Photographic Skills

A summary of the some of the presentations the society have had on photographic skils

Photography to do at home

Digital Photography School is a very useful website; they sent out this list of ideas. 3 Fun Backgrounds for Portraits and Photo Booths You Can Create at Home 10 Amazing Photography Tricks You Can do at Home with Everyday Objects DIY Photography Hacks and Accessories You Can Make at Home[…]

Off-camera Flash Workshop

Our first workshop of 2020, was run by our very own Rob Day. Use of flash can seem an impenetrable area of photography, but Rob’s workshop showed how it can be tackled without fear. Rob has kindly given us a copy of his presentation.

An evening of ‘Moving’ and ‘Shaking’

After the presentation a few weeks ago by Derek Gale, we used our time in hall this week to have a go ‘Moving’ and ‘Shaking’. To get us thinking about moving, a few of our members shared their own approaches and techniques. Firstly Steve took us through some of the[…]

Close up and Macro

The presentation by David Harris has been given to us to share among members. It is a Word document and can be downloaded from this link.

Mounting images

PDF Document on how to mount your prints  BWPS Guidelines on Mounting Prints

Explaining Exposure

Getting the correct amount of light onto the sensor (or film!) is an essential aspect of photography. It is controlled by the aperture of the lens, the sensitivity setting of the sensor, the shutter speed.  Adjust each of these will adjust the exposure and it is a trade-off between all[…]