An evening of ‘Moving’ and ‘Shaking’

After the presentation a few weeks ago by Derek Gale, we used our time in hall this week to have a go ‘Moving’ and ‘Shaking’.

To get us thinking about moving, a few of our members shared their own approaches and techniques. Firstly Steve took us through some of the theory of longer and shorter exposures for capturing movement. Excellently illustrated by many Icelandic Waterfalls.

Sarah showed us how intentional camera movement (ICM) can be used to great artistic effect. Including using it with the concept of multiple exposures. Including some of Maggie’s excellent flower studies.

Rounding off with Anita’s layered images, but taking using camera phones and the apps that bring extra creativity.

Then we moved onto to have a go – it was great to see so many with their cameras trying things out, and sharing information and skills. Thanks also to those who came with their own lights and other kit to demonstrate.