About the competitions

The Competition is divided into Primary, Intermediate and Advanced leagues so that members who are new to photography are not competing with more experienced members. The aim of the leagues is to give the judge a basis on which to frame the critique. Hence the league that you compete in will determine this critique. (See the League Definitions)

The competition takes place over the year and is divided into four separate rounds. In previous years the rounds have been split into 2 Open and Themed rounds. Reflecting on the constraints on access to specific places, we have a greater emphasis on Open themes this year (3) – where any subject matter can be entered – the fourth round being Monochrome.

An outside judge is invited to view the prints and provide some constructive comments before finally deciding on the first, second and third in each league. There may also be highly commended images at the judge’s discretion, usually two. It’s typical some images are ‘held-back’ – a shortlist of candidates for the placed images. Images that are held back or placed receive points.

After adding up the points, the winners of each league at the end of the year each receive a trophy, engraved with their name which they keep for a year. The winners and runners up receive a medal which they retain.

However, the main aim of these competitions is to see other member’s images for inspiration and enjoyment, as well as being a learning opportunity.

Full details of the rules.