About the Society

Bishop’s Waltham Photographic Society remains true to its ethos of supporting and developing the photographic skills of members and others in the community.

We meet on the first Thursday of each calendar month, usually in the Church Hall in Free Street Bishop’s Waltham at 19:30 or online via Zoom. The majority of these meetings are either for visiting speakers to share their individual passions about photography or one of our four annual competition nights.

In addition to the regular monthly meetings, we organise around six workshops a year, a number of field trips (also known as ’Out & Abouts’) to a wide range of venues and an annual exhibition.

The members of the Society have a wide range of experience from absolute beginners, with their first newly acquired camera, to experienced members who have been taking photographs for some time. We all share a passion for photography of all genres, from landscapes to portraits, wildlife and still life. In fact, there are no limitations (other than legal ones) on the type of images produced.

Our main aim is to improve and develop the skill levels of all our members. We achieve this through workshops and by the more experienced members helping those with less experience.  This is on any topic from just using a camera to post-processing and printing.  Help on any issue is always available—by contacting a committee member in the first instance, we can direct you to one of our members who will be able to provide some assistance.

The Society promotes a friendly and informal atmosphere in which we can all enjoy our shared experiences and share our combined skills.

In 2019 the Society introduced a Junior Section that meets on the first Thursday of the month.  This is open to all aspiring junior photographers, and its activities are covered by the Society’s Safeguarding policy.  Junior Society members are able to submit photographs in the Society’s competition evenings.

Prospective members are very welcome to join a meeting to see how it all works. Those who simply want to join may download an application form from this page.

The Aim and Objectives of the Society

To promote the use of photography as an expressive art form and encourage and facilitate members to improve their individual skills by:

  1. Providing an environment in which everyone is encouraged to demonstrate and share their own individual strengths and knowledge for the benefit of all.
  2. Arranging workshops on topics of interest to members e.g. post-processing, so that they are able to better understand the range of functions of the equipment that they own and use this with confidence so that its use becomes a useful tool and not an impediment to their photography.
  3. Encourage the sharing of members’ work using the Society’s closed Facebook site to allow analysis and constructive comment from other members.
  4. Arrange visiting speakers to bring a fresh range of topics and techniques to the attention of our own members.
  5. Arrange outings to a variety of venues to encourage members to take photographs of subjects in which they have a specific interests and to encourage the taking of images on subjects outside an individual’s normal comfort zone.
  6. Encourage members to feel that they have an ownership of the club and to provide opportunities for individual members to present their own work in the form of prints, portfolios or other means of presentation from time to time (Projected Image Presentations).
  7. Have regular print reviews which will involve a dialogue with the photographer and also include a critique of images to assist in improving individual skills.