Phil Savoie “The Principles of Photography” on 27th January 2022

The Society was treated to a superb presentation.

Phil is an award-winning cameraman and photographer and his talk ‘covered topics not often discussed from the science of our vision, lens testing & optical physics, eyeline and the psychology of perspective.

The thrust of Principles of Photography was to share easy, practical shooting methods resulting in a noticeable improvement straight away. The aim is to educate, increase visual intelligence and inspire while having fun doing it’.

Phil’s infectious enthusiasm, passion for photography and ability to engage the members along with so many wonderful images made it an evening to remember and the best possible start to the year ahead.
Phil promised a talk with something for everyone and the evening did not disappoint!

Helen has already received a dozen messages asking for a return visit with everyone commenting on how much fun the evening was and how much they had learnt. In thanking Phil, Helen said “We all appreciated the secret tips and how generous you were in sharing your knowledge, we should now be armed to ‘up our game’ and create those images with impact”.