Workshop Evening: Mono Conversion and Slideshows

At the workshop evening this week, Dave Kirkland showed us a different approach to doing mono conversion and Matthew White showed the slideshow presentation that will be at the Exhibition next week including how it was constructed.

As in so many things, there isn’t a right way to do something. Mono conversion is no exception; Dave explained that he had been looking for a workflow that could be applied systematically and get good results. Therefore giving a great basis for adjustments to suit personal taste and the image. Dave’s technique uses the features of the full Photoshop version to achieve fine control of contrast in shadows and highlights and different areas of the image.

Producing audio-visual AV slideshows of images is another way of presenting images. Matthew showed how using software such as ProShow Gold a video can be created out of still images. It’s very easy ‘over-cook’ such things with wonderful effects!

The final slideshow will be at the exhibition next week – 3-5th June Patterson Centre Swanmore

References to the software and techniques will be added to the references section.