Southampton Photo Walk

With the weather better than forecast, giving soft hazy sunshine, 7 members met at the Bargate for a photowalk around Southampton. We started at the new plaza by West Quay where there are some interesting textures and curves with the added bonus of a water feature, before making our way into the old part of the city around St Michaels Square. Immediately the atmosphere changed, becoming much quieter and with old medieval and Tudor buildings sitting alongside more modern ones that had been built since WW2 there were some interesting vistas in the narrow lanes and passageways. We managed a brief climb up onto the old walls before rejoining the 21st century by crossing the very busy roads that lead to the Town Quay. Unfortunately there were no liners in dock but the very dilapidated pier was just the sort of subject photographers love!
Southampton – which looks rather shabby initially, has some fascinating and beautiful buildings that are a well kept secret.