About the Portfolios

Portfolios are sets of images based on a given topic. Portfolios are not judged. They are a fun activity to encourage members to try something different, outside their photographic comfort zone with the added bonus of hopefully improving our camera skills! You don’t need a fancy camera, the challenge is to make best use of what you have, use different settings or even use a mobile phone.

At the beginning of each club year each member is randomly allocated a topic from the list below. The form of presentation is entirely the choice of the individual. It can be a series of prints, more commonly digital projected images or perhaps a book. Each portfolio should have between 6 and 8 images. Members are asked to introduce their images and how they interpreted the topic.

For help on how to approach your Portfolio and some guidance presenting it -a Word document is available here: BWPS-PORTFOLIO-GUIDELINES 2018

For 2019, the Portfolio presentations will take place on 31st October.

The topics are:

  • Lines
  • Break/Breaking the Rules
  • Abstract
  • Book/Song/Film Title


A collection/Set of images that represent a theme of your choice. There are no rules – anything goes – which includes the number of images! These can be shown on the screen or as prints.

Panels can be shown on the Member’s evening of 28th March 2019 or, if members wish on 31st October.