Portfolios 2017

Doing something different and new can often be difficult; outside the ‘comfort zone’ is a daunting place. Yet it is often said it is a great way to learn and learning is the aim of the yearly portfolios.

Each year every member gets a random topic – sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy. But the aim is to explore different areas of photography, try new things and share the results. We learn from our own work and each other’s work.

We recently had our portfolios evenings and a very impressive set of images where on display. It was great to see new and old members tackle different topics in different ways.

To highlight one portfolio, here are Anita’s images on Symmetry.  This is an impressive portfolio in both the artistry on display, but that these are iPhone images and taken with items in and around the house. It was a challenging subject for her – but proves that the daunting need not end in failure.