Out & About – Lambing Day at Westlands Farm on Saturday 6th April 2024

Westlands Farm is a family-run business situated on the outskirts of Wickham, in the heart of the Meon Valley. From April 4th to 7th, they hosted ‘Lambing Days’, an event that allowed adults and children to get up close and personal with newborn lambs and maybe even witness one being born.

On the morning of Saturday 6th, five members of BWPS worked hard to capture classic shots and tell the story of the day. Unsurprisingly, photography was difficult due to the crowds of children and adults cooing over the adorable subjects. However, the curious lambs and attentive mothers made for some fantastic images.

Just imagine the pure joy on the children’s faces as they held a newborn lamb for the first time. The thrill of capturing these heartwarming moments was incredibly satisfying for the adult photographers. The day was a celebration of shared experiences and the love of photography, leaving everyone feeling inspired and excited for more.