New Forest Fungi Foray on 30th October 2022

On Sunday, 30th October 10 members met at Millyford Bridge for what has become the traditional New Forest Fungi Foray, and it was lovely that some of the newer members attended.

After several days of high winds and heavy rain, we were lucky to have what started as an overcast still day, so ideal conditions for photographing fungi. The New Forest is home to over 2700 species of fungi, and the Millyford area has a huge variety in size, colour and texture, with some of the most toxic growing alongside edible species.

The fungi were to be found everywhere and an hour or so could have been spent just photographing those within a few yards. One of the most enjoyable parts of the O&As is being with like-minded folk and taking images the way we like, so you will see images that may be soft or less than perfect subjects – I heard one member say, ” A judge is going to hate this!”

Unfortunately, in the early afternoon, the wind increased, bringing in sunny periods but also very heavy showers and with most people very happy with the images taken during the morning, we decided to head home.