Mottisfont in the Rain

A trip to the National Trust’s Mottisfont estate near Stockbridge took place on Thursday 16th June – a special evening opening to view the Roses and to see and smell them at their best. 12 members arranged to meet in the Walled garden to do some photography and then head off to the pub for an evening meal. Well, the rain all through the afternoon was awful but the decision was made to head over to the gardens anyway as the lure of an evening meal afterwards kept us keen!

As you can see from the images below it was a bit soggy to say the least – we did try some photography as when we arrived the rain had stopped! But not for long and after a about half an hour it was decided that the pub would be a better option all round!

The pictures here were taken on Dawn’s mobile and provides evidence that the group did ‘suffer for their art’ ! Thank you to everyone who came along – it turned out to be a lovely evening in the pub anyway.