Match-An-Image Trial Run Evening on 23rd February 2023

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

This was a new event for the Society, and as previously mentioned it was planned as a Trial Run for an event that we have been invited to at Alton CC on March 15th.

Around 20 members attended our ‘Match-An-Image’ evening. We had a total of 60 Images from members, which were randomly spread between our three Teams, led by ‘Team Captains’ Helen Otton, Gareth Morgan and Anita Taylor.

With each team taking it, in turn, to put up a Start Image, it was the task of the opposing two teams to select an image which they believed they could convince the judge that it ‘Matched’ the start image. Well, that’s where the fun comes in, with some of the explanations being very tenuous, to say the least. Following the debate, (or in many cases an argument), points were awarded for an image which matched, the image that was the judge’s favourite in the round, scoring a point. Finally, a bonus point may be awarded for whatever reason the judge had, from a good image but just pipped for ‘Best in Round’ to a convincing plea for an image match.

Sounds simple? It wasn’t! Could you match a pair of Lego Airmen, with a Dutch F16 Fighter Jet and a man reading a Newspaper on a bench sat next to a statue? Well, somehow the Judge did.

Matthew White, was our Judge for the evening having accepted my challenge, of using his experience on the judging circuit, to decide whether a match was achieved or teams were just bluffing with wild explanations. But to be honest we were both in a no-win situation, as members were putting their cases, often enthusiastically, to earn points for their teams.

Was there a winner? Well technically yes, but with claims of teams being robbed and favouritism, or my questionable scoring, it really didn’t matter who won. The club as a whole won, with an enjoyable night, working together in small teams, sharing each other’s images and some good discussion about the images amongst those present.

So, thank you to all who took part on the night, Team Leaders for encouraging lively debate, members for their Images, and most of all, Matthew for putting his neck on the preverbal chopping block.

If you would like to attend the event at Alton CC on March 15th, you are welcome. But please contact me first as we are limited in the number of our members who can attend. We have few places left and we are planning a car share trip.

Oh, and finally, congratulations to Team #01.

Kev Melsome
Competition Secretary & Vice Chair