Janey Devine FRPS, “Alternative Views” on Thursday 7th April 2022

About Janey

Janey was awarded her Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society with a panel
of images taken in East Anglia, she is very active within the RPS sitting on the
Documentary, Travel and Licentiate Distinctions panels and last year was one of the
three judges for the Digital Imaging Group PDI Competition.

At the forefront of photo development, Janey was invited to join the Arena Group in
2016 and is also a member and exhibits in Chichester with the Focus Group

The Talk

In the first half of the evening, Janey discussed and showed the difference between Documentary Films and Audio Visual (AV) presentations to tell a story. Janey explained how she sees AV as a collection of images with music added – derived from the previously popular ‘slideshows to music’, whereas documentary film has the ‘intent to tell a story’. To illustrate this Janey shared some very powerful, compelling and thought-provoking films and AVs covering a very wide range of subject matter that she had put together from her travels to Ethiopia plus a film detailing the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami on the SW coast of India 10 years on. On a lighter note, and closer to home, we saw a film highlighting the daily routine of the donkeys providing rides on the Weymouth seafront. Here the extra challenge was capturing sound and video mixed with still images and the voice of Melanie the owner of the donkeys. Finally, we saw ‘Colonsay 2014’ – in the style of ‘a day in the life of…’capturing memories of a crofting life and the islander’s concern for the future.

After the break, we enjoyed seeing an eclectic mix of Janey’s images taken during Lockdown. Inspired by a Royal Photographic Society course, she then created hand-made books for each project, resulting in a stunning collection of composite images made into Japanese Stitch books and a ‘concertina style book’ on the Coastal Erosion around the south coast. The evening concluded with a personal project: a composite set of very evocative images depicting memories from time spent along the River Thames.

For anyone interested in showing images and telling a story in this format Janey provided lots of hints and tips – for example ‘the 5-minute rule’ (keeping the length of the presentation to five minutes) and keeping any transitions simple plus many other gems – make sure you see the presentation recording (on the club website) – it will only be available for a short time!

Janey’s skill and imagination in putting together images to tell stories together with her artistic talent is incredible and we thank her for sharing this presentation with us.

For more about Janey see her website: www.janeydevine.com

To download a pdf of the flyer click here: Janey Devine Flyer