Gagan Singh Street Photography

Our first meeting in September saw guest speaker Gagan Sandana share his passion for Black and White Street Photography. Gagan explained that he looks for how light affects a scene in front of him, looking for shapes – triangles and shadows – sometimes waiting for several minutes for a person to walk into a scene.  The images shown had an impact that appeared to take the audience by surprise – especially when Gags explained that he tends to use Program Mode on his camera! Our Programme Secretary Maggie sent Gags a thank you email which summed up the evening nicely:

Thank you on behalf of our committee and club members for a truly wonderful presentation.  I, for one, was not a fan of street photography (or black and white for that matter) but I think you might have converted me and most likely a few others present last night.  Not only were your photographs interesting and inspirational, your delivery of your presentation was very entertaining and non-technical.  Guess what I might be doing today?  Getting out there with my camera in P mode!  I think one of the messages you got over very eloquently last night was that having your image pin sharp is far less important than the actual content.  So, once again thank you”

[The featured image is from Sarah Towley]