Final Competition and League Results

The final round of the 2015 season saw some excellent prints; very good quality of images from both Primary and Advanced. David Mckibben from Winchester Photographic Society judged for us and offered great constructive thoughts for all. Having judged for us previously he also commented on the increase in standard of entries.

The Open Round results are:

1st: MELSOME Kevin  “Beady Eye” 
2nd: GRAY Roy “Points of Interest” 
3rd: HALLAM Andy “Grange over Sands”
HC: LITTLEFIELD Dawn “Swan River Australia”
HC: TAYLOR Chris “Buss Stalls at Barrington Court”
1st: COOTE John “Drying Out”
2nd: TOWNLEY Sarah “Hope”
3rd: GREEN Mia “Bend in the river”
HC: GREEN Steve “Iceland’s lakes “
HC: HOOD Alistair “Blue Sky and Shade”


With the final results we can announce the results of the 2015 leagues:

Primary League:

  • Top of the league with 15 points is Kevin Melsome. Two first places, and one highly commended
  • Second is Roy Gray, with a 2nd, and a 3rd
  • Third is a tie, with Rick Pittard, Alan Keevil and Anita Gray.

Advanced League:

  • Top of the league with 13 points, is Alistair Hood. Two first places, and one highly commended.
  • Second is Dawn Blight with 10 points; one first place and a third place.
  • Third is Steve Green with 9 points; one second place and two highly commended.