League Definitions


We have a number of members who are very new to the hobby; very much still learning the craft. In addition we also are trying to encourage younger people to join the society. Members may well not used to the processes of their images being critiqued.

For those in the primary league we’re looking for constructive feedback that will allow them to master the craft of photography and learn the techniques needed to be secure in making an image.

We are not expecting any significant artistic input to the images.


For members to be in intermediate, they will be considered to be secure in mainstream photographic techniques. Fundamental skills will have been mastered. Those in intermediate will be looking to master more advanced techniques, and tackle more challenging photographic scenarios.

We would be expecting that there would be promising beginnings in expressing artistic impression within the images.


At this level members have mastered the mainstream techniques; and be proficient in more advanced. Artistic input will be notable. If an image is blurred in the advanced section it is because it is meant to be! We as viewers need to try and work how that is working to convey the story or message.

Members in this section will also be more used to receiving feedback and will be aware of challenges of critiquing images.