Competition this week

This Thursday is our 2nd Competition round!

No theme this time and we welcome Julian Tubb on his first visit to the Society to give an appraisal of our efforts.

We’ve compiled a set of briefing notes for the judges who visit us, giving details of the scoring system, the experience of the 3 three leagues and also mundane details about where the hall is. Perhaps the most important thing is the definition of the leagues – as this guides the level of the critique given.

Please see the League Definitions. All the competitions for this year are below – click the link in the table to add to your calendar.

Round 1March 7thHuman PortraitAndrew Mills
Round 2May 2ndOpenJulian Tubbs
Round 3August 1stModern LifeKelly-Louise Jennings
Round 4November 7thOpenBarbara Holder

Please do see the me at any club meeting or via email to talk about anything to do with competitions.