Christmas RAW Challenge

Early next year we have a few workshops with both Phototshop Elements and Lightroom.  WIth these the plan was to follow a workflow based approach – taking an image from camera or memory card, and importing and processing.

In the recent members’ survey, one comment that came back was homework!  So ahead of these workshops, I’ve pulled together a small selection of images – both in JPG and RAW format. Why not have a go at processing these to see what you can make of them. Anything goes, no rules, and we can look at what people have done either at the AGM or more likely at the workshops themselves.

Why not try something different?  If you’ve not processed RAW before have a go, or perhaps do a mono conversion.

There’s a selection of different types of image, landscape, macro, abstract etc. For many of these when I processed them I did quite a few steps.

The images can be download from Google Drive here. Any questions please email me at