Casting light on Exposure and Sharpness

If you’ve been a photographer for a while, you’ll be familiar with the concepts of Exposure and Sharpness and how they make (or indeed break) an image. So what else is there to learn I thought?

Last night Roger Crocombe ARPS, Chairman of Bognor Regis Camera Club gave us two presentations on Exposure and Sharpness. Both excellent presentations that gave lots of information. Together with the practical examples and a range of Roger’s own high-quality prints the concepts of how to get the exposure and sharpness were superbly demonstrated.

Our photographic minds were taken on a journey from the basics of shutter speed, use of tripods, through to different post-processing techniques and software through to the physics of light’s journey from subject, through the lens to the sensor.

I’m certainly looking forward to experimenting with some different camera settings. Roger has kindly given us the presentations to put on the website. This is a new page with links to these and which we can populate with similar information.