A day at The Hawk Conservancy, Andover

Luckily the closure of the M27 did not affect our travel plans to the Hawk Conservancy and 4 members and a guest spent several pleasant hours there. It is always challenging to photograph animals in captivity due to the wire mesh etc of the enclosures, and the Hawk Conservancy is no exception, but these problems can be overcome with a wide aperture and seeking a better angle. Initially the weather was sunny but then thin cloud made the light rather flat. Photography is always more satisfying if problems can be overcome.
The recent addition of the Burrowing Owls (very similar to Little Owls) kept us very entertained and as they are so active and inquisitive almost begged to be photographed. Their enclosure has glass windows and a raised base so it is very easy to get a good view at the birds’ level.
The flying displays are also very popular and afford plenty of opportunities to photograph the birds out of their enclosures. The morning display featured birds of Africa and in the afternoon the hawks and large raptors, so we were kept busy.
Some of our images are below.